Week 1 : Run 3

Thursday evenings SP has volleyball.  I knew going to bed last night I was going to have to get my final week 1 run done in the morning.  I am not too comfortable with running by myself at night, but during the day I am ok.  So knowing that, we strolled out the front door around 8:30.

This run was a complete mess!  It was too late in the morning.  I felt good at first, but 2 runs into it I was distracted by the following:

1. Dog getting off leash and owner chasing him, SP and I trying to stop the dog running towards us to help owner out.
2.  Rounding a corner, a little mut terrior dog running happily towards us, no owner but a collar.
3.  SP stopping to call the dog's owner from her tag, as I ran and walked in circles in the street until he was done.
4.  While SP is sitting on curb holding dog, and I'm running circles around them, we hear a loud rumble.  There are 2 people on the street trying to break up a dog fight b/t a little dog who instigated a Doberman.  SP quickly scoops up our little dog and we dart off around the corner.   
5.  Getting off track to get the dog home, all while still trying to stay focused on my training.
6.  SP gets dog home while I take off up the street b/c it was time for another run.
7.  I turn around to come back to SP, who is now nowhere to be found.
8.  I give up.
9.  I find him after another run, helping the neighbor fix where the dog got out, sheesh!
10.  It's HOT!

Needless to say, somehow I finished, on schedule.  My breathing was off the whole time and I wasn't focused on running.  WHAT A MESS!  But, it's done!

Week 2 is triple the running I've been doing!  So far, it's been:

5 min walk warm-up
60 second run
90 second walk
alternating those for a total of 20 mins
5 min cool down walk

Week 2 will be 90 sec runs and 60 sec walks!  YIKES!

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