Chemo Round 5

My dad is sitting in a chair, in a clinic, in AR getting chemo pumped into him as I sit and type this.
In the words of my mother, "Pray that the chemo will get in there and rage WAR!"
It is a helpless feeling not being able to be there.  I feel like I could at least sit and keep him company.  Although between his leg constantly shaking and my leg constantly shaking, I'm not sure I'd calm him much by being there, ha!  We are both pretty impatient.  I know I know, it's a virtue!
I will be traveling back to AR next weekend and I can't wait!!  I always love going up there, but now more than ever.

SP's birthday is coming up.  He and I, plus my in-laws will head to the mountain next weekend to celebrate.  I always love a good road trip.  And this time we will be pulling a U-Haul.  No, we aren't moving.  We are giving them one of our queen beds b/c SP and I are upgrading to a KING!  YAY!!  This way, when the whole family is up there on the holidays, etc., only one person has to have an air-mattress instead of 2!  Imagine :)

I know my dad will be completely wiped this weekend after all the medicine in his system, and as much as that sucks, we all have got to keep reminding ourselves this is the road we must take in order to get to the next one.  We believe.  We have faith.  We have prayer.  We have strength.  We have each other.  We are TEAM TRAYLOR!

Traylor kids...FIGHT DAD FIGHT!

Adam, Dad, Mom, Me, Sean P, Anastasia, Shawn, Ian!!!

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Meagan said...

So many prayers for your family, Catherine!