Week 1 : Run 2

We went after dinner settled.  Around 9pm.  Perfect time for me!  I think I am much better in the evening than in the AM.  Which is no bueno for race day b/c that will be early in the morning.  I'm not sure if it's b/c it just gets so hot here, or what, but something mentally happens to me on an evening run that always helps me to stay strong and push through.

I had a GREAT run!  I felt good, my breathing was steady.  I was actually...dare I say it, enjoying myself!

The worst part was when I accidentally hit my iPod shuffle and started my entire podcast over!  I meant to turn the volume up, and instead, started my entire training over.  I quickly scrambled it back to where I was (so I thought), with a little extra walking between runs b/c of my malfunction.  My podcast tells me when I'm on my 2nd, 4th, 2nd to last, and last run (there are 8 total).  I knew I was one run short from where I stopped it, so rather than try to fix it again I just went with it and did an extra run, for a total of 9 runs!  I was feeling good and thought I should push myself a little further, and I did!!  It felt great!

On to the last run of week 1 on Thursday, YIKES!

Oh, I should add, on my off days, we have been walking w/o any interval running.  Just to keep moving.  Last night we took a total rest day, and it was nice :)

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