Small Town Saturday Night

Saturday was my 4-year-long college roommates wedding day!  SP and I got up early Saturday morning, did our run, then got ready to hit the road!

We arrived in Shreveport around 1:30.  When we got there, SP had to get ready for his fantasy football draft.  I needed a little siesta.  I plopped in my brother's big chair and turned on the TV to find the SATC movie playing.  YAY!

After about an hour, I went shopping looking for a necklace to wear with my dress that night for the wedding.  I must have walked into 10 different stores, and I finally found one that was okay. 

After shopping I went to visit my friend Lauren (also old college roommate) who welcomed her second baby boy into the world on Monday (Aug 20th)!  I was so excited that I was able to go by and meet baby Sylas Austin while in town.  I don't get to Shreveport very often, so it was good to catch up with Lauren and her little family.  Sy is just soo cute!

Once I left her house, I was hungry and had 2 more hours until the wedding started, not to mention what time we would get to eat dinner!  So I went to get an old Shreveport staple, A humphrey yogurt!  Plain yogurt, granola, honey, and lots of fruit!  It's SO GOOD!

By the time I got back to Adam's house, SP was just finishing up his draft, perfect timing on my part!

We headed to the wedding at 6.  It was in the beautiful church downtown.  First United Methodist.  The ceremony was really nice.  It was short, sweet, and to the point :)  We were out of there in 30 mins and on to the party!  It was crazy getting to see so many old high school and college friends who I hadn't seen in years!

The reception was at the Petroleum Club, which is where my parent's had their wedding reception, 40 years ago!!!

Here are some pictures from the night...

First dance for the newlyweds!

Old roommates have so many stories to tell :)  Julie, Me, and Emily

Dance floor time!

Pretty bad pic, but the only one we got of us together :(

This is a picture of James & Emily at mine and Sean's wedding last summer, ha!

After the reception ended, Sean drove the 2 of us, Julie and her husband Andy, and Emily's brother Scott and wife Nicole a few blocks to the Hilton hotel.  It was a tight squeeze in the car, so Julie and I jumped in the trunk!  Julie thought she was taking a picture of us, put quickly realized she was shooting video...

Apparently I had a cramp in my foot!!!

Adam came and met us for a drink at the hotel bar before we headed back to his house for the night...

Siblings :)

Hotel lobby, one last quick photo before saying our goodbyes :(

Julie eating her bar crack as she likes to call it!

Last but not least, a pizza at 2 am to finish off the evening ;)

 It makes me nauseas looking at it!

Sunday AM we sat around and visited with Adam, then hit Superior for an early lunch.  We got home around 4:30 and were completely exhausted.  We had a great weekend and wish James and Emily a lifetime of happiness!  SO happy for them :)

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