On the road again!

I love that Willie song :)
Ok so I'm not officially on the road again, but this time tomorrow I'm hoping to be almost to Bentonville!  Sean and I are driving up tomorrow to spend the weekend with my parent's.  My in-laws and my middle brother are also coming!  The only thing that would make it sweeter would be if the rest of our family was joining.  But we will take what we can get :)

Every time we plan a trip to AR (basically once a month) all of our wheels start turning wondering what are we going to cook??  You see, the best part of us all gathering together is the yummy food we love to prepare.  This weekend we are celebrating SP's 36 birthday (Shhh...I think he still thinks it is his 35)!!!  Saturday night will be his birthday meal.

With everything that is going on with my dad, I didn't want to put all of the menu planning on my mom who has a whole lot on her plate right now.  SP and I sat down Tuesday night and brainstormed.   Before we went to bed that night, we had our whole menu planned out!  It goes as follows...

Friday night:
I will prepare Chicken Tikka Masala (my favorite Indian dish), with basmati rice and naan bread.
My mom is going to make homemade pistachio ice cream
--- - - Side Note --- - -
I am in the process of making the masala right now and gawsh does it smell yummy!!

Still early in the cooking process :)
Saturday night:
We are going to have my SPs favorite dish... John Besh's Shrimp with Remoulade sauce, along with some steak, potato and salad!  YUM!  I went ahead and made the remoulade sauce also.  The long those flavors sit and meld, the better it will taste.  SP loves this sauce so much he swears he would eat it on his breakfast cereal.  YUCK!  Oh, and I plan on making a very pretty apple pie for his birthday cake.  

SP and I will be the only ones sticking around Sunday night, and my dad said he wanted to prepare leg of lamb.  And he said if not, his backup would be waaangs (in the words of my father).  Either way, sounds good to me!

I also made this bit of deliciousness for people to snack on over the weekend.  It's delicious in the morning for breakfast or even in the afternoon with a nice cup of hot tea :)

Blueberry Loaf

I am so excited for tomorrow to get here.  I love a quite, relaxing weekend on the mountain with my family.  The weather is supposed to cool off some which means we might even take a moment to enjoy the swing my dad made :)  I also hope to get some quality time with him in the barn!

SP and I on the swing at our wedding reception

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