Week 2 : Run 1

Rise and shine!  6:30 am (which is not a time I'm used to seeing in the mornings) the alarm went off!  I'm not sure if I was more motivated by the fact that I really needed to hit the toilet (uh-hem, urinate) or the fact that it was time for my first run in my week 2 of training.  Either way, SP and I rolled out of bed and quickly scurried out the door.

We covered ourselves in delicious deet filled OFF (no west nile virus for us!) and we were off.

All day yesterday I was psyching myself out knowing I had more running to do today, just when week 1 was starting to feel good!  By the time I went to bed last night, I realized I was freaking out over nothing.  It was only 30 seconds more for each run.  30 more seconds, I can do this!

So, this week goes like this:
5 min warm up walk
90 second run
2 min walk
alternating for a total of 20 mins.
5 min cool down walk

By run 4, my mouth was so dry, we decided to swing by the house for a quick swig of H20 (no, I didn't cheat, I paused my training while on my water break!).  Ok, back out...halfway there :)

All of a sudden I hear my podcast say "time for you second to last run."...People, this was music to my ears!  I thought I had to do 8 runs (like week 1) but instead, it's only 6.  Once I heard that, I powered through and finished my run!  Yay me!  HA!

Oh, and I might add, this is my 3rd time "starting" this C25K training, and this is the farthest I've ever gotten with it!  Normally I'm over the idea of running at the end of week 1.  Must. Keep. Going!

Off for a shower now and then we are hitting the road!  Heading to Shreveport!  I get to meet one of my dearest friend's new little bundle of joy and also see another dear friend say "I do!"

Have a great day!

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